Sun Oct 24 00:10:08 EST 1993

>Here is a hopefully easy question for someone out there:
>I would like to know what are the possible blood types of a child
>of parents who are A+ and A- ?  Very Important! Thanks for your response.

The child can be either type A if one or both parents are homozygous A
OR s/he can be O (25% chance) if both parents are heterozygous A...
(I tried to do a diagram but its hard to understand in ASCII)
Type O would be the least likely with no further info on the parents.

The rhesus factor of the child may be + or - again depending on 
whether the parents were homozygous or heterozygous:

>Actually- here's another: When bllod typing is used (or was before DNA testing
>?) in paternity suits-are they checking this A+,B,O-etc or is it 
>something else?  Can blood type be used for that purpose?

Yes, the ABO and rhesus are used for blood typing/paternity, although
there has been a trend towoards DNA fingerprinting, this technique
has gotten itself a bad name in the courts (in the US). Pity. Blood typing can
NOT prove paternity but CAN eliminate a suspect father/criminal; DNA
fingerprinting is much more incriminating. There are other blood types 
used too, the MN phenotypes spring to mind.

I hope this helped, 


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