Noel Hunter noel at ac.wfu.edu
Sat Oct 23 23:57:17 EST 1993

i935698 at redgum.ucnv.edu.au (Owabje) wrote:
: I have tried to post this to the most appropriate newsgroups because my last
: post resulted in some the worst abuse I have ever experienced, despite being
: married a member of my immediate family.

I know it must be exciting to be learning how to use news, and to realize that 
the articles you post will be seen by literally thousands of people around the
world.  And it must be great and punk to inflame all those people by posting
something totally inappropriate to a particular newsgroup.  But after you've 
been here a while, hopefully you'll realize that lame attempts to attract
attention are just as boring on the Internet as they are in person.

Why not just dye your hair green and go grocery shopping.  It will get just
as many stares, and when you're done, at least you'll have something to show
for it.

And if you think it would be funny to follow up this posting with more 
irrelevant material, think again.  Plenty of people know how to cancel articles,
including ones other people wrote, and they're more than willing to cancel

In the future, try alt.dev.nul or alt.test.

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