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Sun Oct 24 03:35:00 EST 1993

In article <2ad1vd$ffp at quad.wfunet.wfu.edu>, noel at ac.wfu.edu (Noel Hunter) writes...
>i935698 at redgum.ucnv.edu.au (Owabje) wrote:
>: I have tried to post this to the most appropriate newsgroups because my last
>: post resulted in some the worst abuse I have ever experienced, despite being
>: married a member of my immediate family.
>I know it must be exciting to be learning how to use news, and to realize that 
>the articles you post will be seen by literally thousands of people around the
>world.  And it must be great and punk to inflame all those people by posting
>something totally inappropriate to a particular newsgroup.  But after you've 
>been here a while, hopefully you'll realize that lame attempts to attract
>attention are just as boring on the Internet as they are in person.
>Why not just dye your hair green and go grocery shopping.  It will get just
>as many stares, and when you're done, at least you'll have something to show
>for it.
>And if you think it would be funny to follow up this posting with more 
>irrelevant material, think again.  Plenty of people know how to cancel articles,
>including ones other people wrote, and they're more than willing to cancel
>In the future, try alt.dev.nul or alt.test.
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