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> in science, but I digress).  Since my fish tank was not planned with careful
> ness and forethought, some electric contacts from air pumps seemed to have
> contact with the water from the tank.  It was analyzed, with other major
> researchers, that the growth of a fish's eyeballs, or should I say the
> vision organ, did seem to be larger than those in another tank without
> electric current running through it.  Now this seems to conclude that there
> is a parallelism between the the electric current running through a tank,
> and the size of an adult fish's vision organ.  But as a sidenote, I have

Might I suggest that this is due to the oxygene that is set free due to
the electrolysis you do actually have here? The growth of fishes' visionary
organs should heavily depend on the amount of oxygene in the water, since
this stimulates the activity of the whole organism of the fish.



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