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> I have tried to post this to the most appropriate newsgroups because my last
> post resulted in some the worst abuse I have ever experienced, despite being
> married a member of my immediate family.

You're that git who sent me that "send 20 copies or die" chain letterthe 
other day, aren't you?

> As many of the net community will realise I am presently conducting research
> into the electro-senstivity of the gold fish.  I was wondering if anyone out
> there had also followed this exciting scientific path and done any kind of
> research into the way that electrical current affects the metabolism of the
> Gold fish, particularly the Chinese Gold Fish, which seems to be coated in

You charge 'em up, they die. You plug 'em in, they fry. Simple.

> I would appreciate any advice and/or assistance

Get a better psychologist.

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