How can Cinnibar affect treat.

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	As I am a journalist, and not very versed in terminology, please
forgive me for my lack of skill here.

	To the point:

		I was reading an interesting story the other day in an
extremely old medical book (circa 1876), that certain immune-type
functions/illnesses were treated with a very high success ratio through a
metallic substance called "Cinnibar."

	My research led me further to understand that this was the raw material
for mercury production.  No big lead there.  However, I was amazed to find out
that mercuric compound treatments, including the uses of cinnibar were outlawed
in the early 20th century.  

	Actually, it wouldn't be so amazing except that there is apparantly a
great deal of very advanced research in the immunology field being done using
mercuric deriviatives.  Why?  According the documents I found, mercuric
compounds were outlawed due to the toxicity and "insignificance of results" in
treatments.  This also contradicts totally the report in this old book of
medicine, which claims very high recovery ratios using cinnibar (mercuric)
preparations.  Granted, I don't really know what I'm reading, but is there
something to it?

	Just an interesting lead, shortly to become a major story <g>.  (I

Thanks.  Steve.

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