PCR primers for variable region of murine IgGa1 (H&L chains)

john peloquin peloquin at galaxy.ucr.edu
Fri Sep 3 10:58:24 EST 1993

Dear Immunologists,

I want to clone the variable regions of a particular mouse monoclonal
IgGa1 as quickly and easily as possible. I can get lots of RNA and
therefor want to rt-PCR my sequences from mRNA from the hybridomas we've
got. Clonetech and others sell tried and true primers for human IgG and
some others, but I have yet to see any commercial offerings for murine
IgGa1. I could try and design my own primers from data bank sequences,
but it would be much better if I could get some that other people know
work. That way, I can crab at someone else if the PCR doesn't amplify
what I want! Also, my time is short for this project and I'd like it to
work with as little fuss as possible. So if anyone out there knows of s
uch a source for these primers, please let me know at your earliest


John J. Peloquin

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