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Greg Beck gbeck at
Thu Sep 9 14:39:47 EST 1993

Fellow Netters:

We are interested in starting transplantation studies and wish to recover the 
viable effector cells.  We have read several older papers (early 70's), and need 
to purchase viscous cellulose sponges.  The supplier is (was) Kongsfors 
Fabrikker A/S, Oslo.  
Does anyone know the address of this company or if this type of sponge is 
available elsewhere?

Also, several investigators loaded the sponge with materials of interest in the 
slow release polymer  Elvax-40.  Elvax is made by DuPont. 
Does anyone have an address or stock number?
Can we order it directly from DuPont or are there other suppliers?

Thanks for your time in advance:

Greg Beck
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