MHC Class I quantification

Pion Stephane pions at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Sep 10 14:16:23 EST 1993

hello 'netters, 

Anyone out there could give me a hint to the following...  I am cultivating
a couple of murine tumor cell lines (EL-4 and C1498, a thymoma and a Myeloma respectivily).  I would like to be able to quantify as precisely as possbile the amount of class I molecules per cell of these tumor lines.  FACS analysis is possible but it cannot really quantify the numbers of molecules per cell (only give me the relative intensity...)  Is there any techniques out there that i could use to quantify these molecules??

thanks for your consideration,

Stephane C Pion
University of Montreal

E-mail :Pions at ERE.umontreal.CA

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