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>There is a hybridoma database, containing information on
>antigen-antibody specificities.
>I'll check out if it still exists and mail later to the newsgroup.

There is a database called IMMUNOCLONES produced by CERDIC (Centre 
Europeen de recherches Documentaires sur les Immunoclones).  It is available 
on the Datastar (commercial) online service based in Switzerland.  Datastar 
are connected to Internet but you will need to register with them and obtain 
a password in order to use their system.  It will also cost you money :-( 
Check whether your library have access to Datastar.  

"The Immunoclone database contains data about cells of immunological 
interest such as hybridomas, trasnfectomas and T-cell clones and their 
products, monoclonal antibodies.  The database contains descriptions 
including: cell types, immunogen, immunocyte donors, immortal partners and 
product information such as type and designation of the product and 
reactivities.  Full bibliographic details are provided for each entry.  "

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