Fas antigen

Tue Sep 14 07:38:54 EST 1993

> Hi Everybody:
> I am writing a grant proposal as part of my Ph.D. Candidacy Exam.  Part of it
> involves studying the mechanisms of Fas antigen (APO-1) signaling initiation of
> apoptosis.  Does anybody know where I would be able to obtain anti-fas
> antibodies?  Are there any commercially available, or do the people who have
> them make them readily available to other researchers?  Any information would
> be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Eric Atkinson 

You should be able to find out if it is commercially available if you
use Linscott's directory

James F. George, Ph.D.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
205-934-4261 voice

txpljfg at uabcvsr.cvsr.uab.edu

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