immunology database?

Jerry Woodward woodward at
Wed Sep 22 14:15:24 EST 1993

:      The HDB now contains data on over 28,000 immunoclones and their
: products.  HDB has been designed in a highly structured format and is 
: housed on the NIH computer using the relational database management 
: system, DB2.  Reports can be generated from this system that are specific 
: for users' requirements.  During 1993 we will be converting the HDB to a
: SUN/Unix/Sybase environment and hope to have it available for direct user
: query via the Internet.  Until that time we will be happy to process queries
: and forward retrievals to requestors via email, Fax, or regular mail.  The
: database is also online via several commercial hosts.

:      HDB holds data on various aspects of hybridomas and their immunoreactive 
: products.  Information on a hybridoma's construction and the reactivity and 
: non-reactivity of its secreted product is included.  In addition, information 
: on the availability of an individual hybridoma and its Mab product are 
: included. Information in the HDB is derived from literature, catalogs and 
: survey forms.

:      For further information contact:         Barbara Lewis                 
:                                               Hybridoma Data Bank                            
	The Hybridoma data bank is on line now.  I have been accessing it 
via gopher and it works great.  The searches I did were pretty easy and they 
were fast.  Keep up the good work Barbara.

J. Woodward
Univ. of Kentucky

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