Alopecia Areata. References?

KEVIN MCELWEE kjmcelwee at
Thu Sep 30 09:02:54 EST 1993

Here's hoping that someone out there can point me in the right direction.

	I have recently carried out a literature search using both 'Medline' 
and 'B.I.D.S.' to find references on (possible) autoantibody activity in the 
disease Alopecia Areata. I have come up with several references but all of 
them predate 1985. Thereafter the trail runs cold.

	Can anyone direct me to more recent journal articles or books on the 
subject, particularly those reporting investigations by immunohistology?

	From the conflict of results in the reports I already have it may be 
that researchers have tended to avoid this controversial subject in recent 
years. However, any help or comments would be gratefully appreciated.

	K.J. McElwee

						Dept. Biological Sciences
						Dundee University
						Scotland, UK

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