Yitzhak Berman F46053 at vm.biu.ac.il
Sun Apr 3 09:12:42 EST 1994

I am interested in receiving information which would either verify or
negate an observation I made regarding the relationship between
hepatitis and mosquitoes.

My two year old grandaughter, Shlomit, spent a night at our home
without getting a single mosquito bite while her one year old sister
sleeping in the same room was badly bitten. Shlomit, was diagnosed as having
HEPATITIS A one day later. It appeared that the mosquitoes "knew" that
Shlomit has hepatitis and were uninterested in her blood.

I would be interested in hearing about any similar event which demonstrates
that children with hepatitis do not get mosquito bites, or evidence
negating that hypothesis.

Than<{k you<{a<{ for y<{our attention.

Yitzhak Berman

F46053 at BARILVM

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