mouse lambda library

Stacy Ferguson sferguso at
Sat Apr 9 23:58:55 EST 1994

In article <9404060225.AA19704 at> geraghty at FRED.FHCRC.ORG writes:
>        I am not sure I know where this message is going since I have not
>used this address before, but in case this goes to a bulletin board read by
>molecular geneticists, immunologists, I am hoping to find a mouse genomic
>library.  I would prefer a mouse lambda library but cosmid would be great
>as well.  Is there anyone out there who can help?
>Dan Geraghty
>Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
>Seattle WA, 98104

I usually make my own libraries and don't have mouse genomic libraries here,
because the last time I made one, I was in graduate school. Libraries from
lots of species are available from Clonetech in the event that you can't 
find one from other labs. Does the strain of mouse matter to you? If it does,
and you have a hard time finding a library from a particular strain, you
might want to contact Dr. Michael Potter at the NIH. His group has every
mouse strain represented in libraries (including wild strains trapped in barns
throughout the world). I'd be very surprised if you don't find what you need
from him (I had a collection of frozen mouse livers for library-making 
purposes that I got from him. At least 20 species of the Mus genus that were
trapped all over the place, none of them commercially available either alive
or as DNA in any form).

Good Luck

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