What inverts have immune system? Help

Thu Apr 14 08:16:04 EST 1994

You are correct about cockroaches, which have shown specific humoral
responses and short-term cellular immune responses that exhibit memory
and specificity.  The best place to start would be a general
review of insect immunity that discusses some of the earlier work.
The best people to key your search on are:  My old mentor, R.D. Karp;
H. Boman, Ann Lackie, Peter Dunn.  I would start with a recent review
by Karp and go from there.  Good Luck.


> 	I am trying to answer a lab question given to me by my immunology
> professor.  Until recent times it was believed that inverts were not
> capable of mounting a specific immune response.  This was later disproved
> when cockroaches later displayed one.  What I am suppose to find out is if
> crickets have a specific immune response and all laboratory experiments
> have told me very little.  Can anyone answer this or at least tell me were
> to look.

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