the immunosupressive effects of anti-interferon antibodies

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Mon Aug 1 15:21:50 EST 1994

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> has there been any reports on the supressive effects of  interferon
> antagonists. particularly in the area of autoimmune disease, infection or
> transplantation. What 
> are likely antagonists beside antibodies ... has INF receptor been
> characterized, 
> are there any  therapies that could specifically lower INF production.

Antibodies to the interferons don't appear to be antagonistic, probably
because there's such an overlap in the biological effects of the various
subspecies of interferons. Antibodies to the receptors are antagonistic -
the receptors have been cloned (both alpha and gamma IFN-R) and
characterized. Other likely antagonists would be cytokines like IL-4 and
IL-10, and substances such as PMA and immune complexes. All of these have
been shown to decrease or ablate the cellular response to IFN.

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