Inhibiting phagocytosis

Steve Konings skonings at
Wed Aug 3 12:54:57 EST 1994

Dean Hewish (deanh at wrote:
: My wife needs to distinguish active phagocytosis from passive
: absorbance in human peripheral blood macrophages. She wants to inhibit
: phagocytosis in her controls. Cytochalasin-b has been reported to be an
: inhibitor of phagocytosis but it doesn't work to 100% in her system (
: the cells still take up the particles). Does anyone know if there are
: any tricks to using cytochalasin-b and if there are any other agents
: that can be used to inhibit phagocytosis?

: Dean R. Hewish
: Cell biologist and Flow Cytometrist
: CSIRO Division of Biomolecular Engineering
: Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Why not try media free of divalent cations?  They are required for binding
of particles, cell adhesion, etc.  I haven't tried this myself, but have
been *warned* of this in some protocols for that reason.

Hope this helps.

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