In vivo concentrations of Cytokines: any literature?

Andreas Schroeder andi at
Wed Aug 10 15:25:46 EST 1994


In many studies on the effects of cytokines in vitro, the cytokines are
applied in certain concentrations, eg IFN-g is often applied in concentrations
between 100-1000 U/ml. These concentrations often are used as a result of
kinetic studies. But are there any facts about the in vivo concentrations
of cytokines (not only in serum, but also with respect to local peaks, eg
in inflammatory processes) and the relevance of the in vitro concentrations
for the in vivo situation?

I'm looking for any literature about local in vivo concentrations of IFN-g,
IFN-a and IL1 in pathological processes, esp. in graft rejection.

I know that this is not a newsgroup for requesting literature, but I seem to
have difficulties in finding out an appropriate search strategy for a 
medline search, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Andreas Schroeder

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