EBNA cells

Marie-Christine BENE bene at grip.u-nancy.fr
Tue Aug 16 14:14:31 EST 1994

In article <leelab.61.0 at medsci.mbp.missouri.edu>, leelab at medsci.mbp.missouri.edu 
(leelab) says:
>        Help!  This is an emergency.  I have a presentation tomorrow and I 
>don't know what EBNA cells are.  In my proposal I am using CV-1/EBNA cells.  
>I can get CV-1 cells through ATCC but can't find EBNA cells.  I will greatly 
>appreciate anyone that can give me some information on this cell line.  
>        Beth
>        btalken at bigcat.missouri.edu

EBNA is classically used in immunology in reference to Epstein Barr virus Nuclear 
Antigen. May I suggest that your cells have been infected/immortalized with EBV and 
therefore are EBNA-positive?
Good luck for your presentation!

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