IgY extraction

Jon Fishman phishy at u.washington.edu
Wed Aug 17 10:52:36 EST 1994

I have been struggling with a procedure to isolate the IgG from egg yolk 
using dextran sulfate and sodium sulfateppurification methods.
The specific problem I'm having is that the antibodies thus obtained 
have extremely high background reactivity in the ELISAs I've run.  On a 
plate coated with antigen, inoculated chicken eggs show about the 
same high absorbances as do eggs from normal hens.  I believe the
problem lies in some nuance of the purification procedure that I have missed. 
If anyone has experience using IgY as a source of antibody, I would appreciate 
any advice you could lend.

Bryan Ericksen
Washington Biotechnology Inc. 

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