help-need recommendations for grad school

Kasey Congdon kcongdon at
Tue Aug 16 12:03:43 EST 1994

Hello, everyone!

This is my first post here.  I graduated from Georgetown University a
little over a year ago, and I'm considering going back to school.  I have
an intense interest in biology, specifically, in endocrinology,
immunology, biotechnology, cell biology, or biochemistry.  I'm just
beginning to research the programs available, and the careers they lead

My undergrad degree is a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs,
concentrating in Science, Technology, and International Affairs.  I took
several biology, biotech, and health-related courses, including
immunobiology.  I did well in immuno, although it was recommended only
for senior bio majors, and would love to pick it up again.  I'm currently
working as a systems manager (translation: computer geek), but if I need
to demonstrate continued interest, there is a professor I can work with
at Georgetown in the lab.

I would love to hear where you all went to school, what you are doing
now, and what I should do if I'm serious about this, which I am.  Thank
you so much!


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