looking for gqva12@*.glascow.ac.uk

opt018 opt018 at nof.abdn.ac.uk
Tue Aug 23 08:49:14 EST 1994

	RE: rheumatoid arthritis-gene therapy position open

Hi there,

	I am looking for the original post from gqva12 at glascow.ac.uk with a
subject as above mentioned.  The post was a job advert for a research assistant. 

	I am very keen to get in touch with author.  In fact I did send a mail
to gqva12 at cent.glascow.ac.uk but the mail was returned.  Can some one out there
kindly forward a copy of the original post to me. May be I can find out a proper
mail address or a fax number to contact him.



Y-F Cheng
Dept. Ophthalmology
Aberdeen University

<opt018 at aberdeen.ac.uk>

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