bitter sugar

Greg Appleyard gappleya at
Tue Aug 23 11:45:16 EST 1994

: I cloned a glycoprotein in a cell line and have antibodies against its
: sugar moiety. I do immunofluorescence and the protein is there, then I
: perform an immunoblot with the same Ab and nothing stains. I arrived to load
: exctracts of 10,000,000 cell on SDS PAGE- still nothing. I strongly confide
: in the expertiseof  of somebody of you out there, dear colleagues.
: Sincerely
: Giorgio

I dont think it is particualarly unusual for antibodies to work in one 
test and not another. Flow cytometry and western blotting are two very 
different environments and the antigen may be in very different 
configurations (even in non-denaturing gels). Monoclonal Abs are 
especially susceptable to these difficulties. The amount of antigen on 
the blot is probably not the problem. Why not try a different test, like 
cell-elisa or immuno-gold labelling?

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