HELP! Why are my T cells normal by FACS?????

Steve G. Hilliard hilliard at
Fri Aug 26 10:03:33 EST 1994

Hi Paul,
While immuno is one of my weak points, I'd have to echo Allen's question.  I 
wouldn't think that immunophenotype percentages would change.  If you 
looked at proliferation antigens (p53, c-myc, Ki-67) then I would expect 
increased expression with activation.
Good luck,

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Paul>M. Donohoe) writes:
>> I am examining the changes in immune system parameters over a time
>>course in rats with Adjuvant Arthritis, and in r65kD-protected rats,>> one 
part of which is looking at lymphocyte surface markers by>> immunostaining 
and FACS.   All the antibodies I've used are commercial,>> and all give 
nice, discrete populations, with the correct levels of>> expression.   I 
have used MAbs against CD2, CD3, CD4, CD5, CD8, CD25>> (IL2R), CD44, CD45RC, 
ab-TCR and RT1B (MHC class II).>> However, during the disease when there is 
a high level of inflammation,>> and in the protected groups, also presumably 
immunologically active,>> there is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL in the levels of any 
of these markers,>> either by percentage of population, or mean intensity of 
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