Monoclonal Ab production ??

Yang Young yyang at
Mon Aug 29 03:06:03 EST 1994

I injected the human IL-6 at mice to obtain the neutralizing monoclonal Ab.
But even the polyclonal Ab didn't inhibit the biological action of IL-6
when testeed on the B9 cell proliferation. The injected IL-6 was produced from
E. coli in my laboratory and confirmed its bioactivity.
I injected mice with Freund's complete adjuvant and IL-6 mixture by i.p. and
directly injected into mice spleen with homogenized solution of nitrocellulose
bound IL-6. But these were not effective.
Of course, polyclonal Ab worked on ELISA.
Does anyone know the problems ?
Please make me produce neutralizing monoclonal Ab against IL-6.

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