basophils and flow cytometry

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>Who has experience with the assessment of human basophils from whole blood or 
>enriched suspensions, using flow cytometry? We cannot find them on the 
>Thank you for your help.
>Gilbert C Faure

Greetings, Gilbert,

	I did some basophil studies on a flow cytometer about two years ago.
I did this work at a corporate lab, so I wasn't allowed to keep my notebooks,
and the information that I will be giving you I will be reconstructing from

	As I recall, basophils appear in almost exactly the same spot as 
monocytes on a forward scatter/side scatter dot plot.  It's impossible to 
distinguish the basophils on the basis of light scatter alone.  They are 
relatively rare - about 1% of the total leukocyte count.  However, using
labeled IgE or anti-IgE antibody, one can distinguish basophils by fluor-
escence.  Sorry, I don't remember who makes the reagents, but they are
commercially available.

	Good luck!

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