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       To: Don Forsdyke ,Bionet.Immunology:

       We have been following the E.Mail interesting discussions about

       Self\Nonself discrimination and probably we have something to say.

       Unfortunately , we do not receive here the Journal of Theoretical

       Biology and then we can not go through your papers

       JTB 154,109-118,1992 and JTB 167,7-12,1994. Could you send us

       reprints of these articles???  Might be there are some other

       paper on that subject in the same Journal???

       We would highly appreciate your help in getting this information.


       Dr.Agustin Lage


       Center of Molecular Immunology

       Havana, Cuba

       Our coordinates:

       Centro de Inmunologia Molecular

       P.O.Box 16040, Havana 11600, CUBA

       Fax: 537-335049

       E.Mail: monoclon at infomed.sld.cu
               monoclon at ceniai.cu

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