Hepatitis Surface Ag

Roger Burger sl061 at CC.USU.EDU
Wed Aug 31 10:31:40 EST 1994

Hello to everybody,
Is ther anyone that knows where I can by or get some Hepatitis B surface
antigen (HBSAG)?
Thank you very much for your interest.

Salvatore Sechi, PhD
National Institutes of Health

I see a Pre-S region listed in Sigma 1994 catalog on page 1129. Other
companies that deal in viral antigens are:

Bachem California 310-5394171
Calbiochem 800-8543417
Immunocorp 800-3638803
Cortex Biochem 800-8887713
Medix Biotech Inc. 415-5733315
Bios Pacific 800-3446686

Hope this helps.


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