Monoclonal Ab production ??

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Wed Aug 31 15:48:26 EST 1994

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           yyang at "Yang Young" writes:

> I injected the human IL-6 at mice to obtain the neutralizing monoclonal Ab.
> But even the polyclonal Ab didn't inhibit the biological action of IL-6
> when testeed on the B9 cell proliferation. 
>  [stuff deleted]
> Of course, polyclonal Ab worked on ELISA.
> Does anyone know the problems ?

Perhaps the epitope(s) your antibodies recognised were far enough away from the
receptor binding regions of IL-6 as not to interfere with their binding?

As to what to day, that's hard you could either:

	(a) Keep trying till you raised such an antibody;
	(b) Beg some from a colleague;
	(c) Raise antibodies to synthetic peptides with sequences similar to
	    the receptor-binding region(s) of IL-6. That's if such regions
	    have been defined and/or you have the facilities to make them;
	(d) British Biotechnology( now called R&D Systems) sell a goat
	    anti-IL-6 antibody which they claim neutralises IL-6. My wife has
	    confirmed that it neutralizes IL-6 in her B9 proliferation assay.

Peter J. Crilly

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