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> try using mhc mismatached cells as well as a variety of other mabs.  
> W6/32 binds to the wrong side of class I.
> On Tue, 29 Nov 1994, John Ferbas wrote:
> > I have used an anti-MHC class I antibody (W632) in an attempt to
> > MHC class I restriction in 2 CD8+ CTL clones, but have had no
success.  I know 
> > that the antibody is saturating the targets by FACS analysis.  Also, the 
> > antibody is added before the assay and present throughout.  Is there any 
> > alternative way to demonstrate class I restriction?  Your comments are
> > appreciated.
> > 

Actually in my reply I totally forgot to mention  that the most promising
way to test for the restriction element is to use congenic MHC recombined
mouse strains. Thats probably the classical, more work consuming way, but it
gives you the right answer. Only if you have some clones coming from some
bizarre H-2s than you might run into toubles to get the recombinants.

To look for mice strains with recombinant MHCs take a look at the article
of Klein-J, Immunogenetics, I think Vol. 17, around page 700. "H-2 haplotypes,
2nd listing" or something like that.

Goog luck


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