differentiation markers

Richard C. Harmon cytact at netcom.com
Mon Dec 5 14:49:43 EST 1994

Rachel........try looking at published info for Mac-3 (antibody M3/84).  
I've never worked with this MAb, but it may detect an antigen where 
expression is increased upon mphage activation.  Try J. Immunol. 130, 
108 (1983).

Rachel Teitelbaum (teitelba at aecom.yu.edu) wrote:

: I would like to know if anyone has done FACS analysis to differentiate
: between monocytes and macrophages, and activated macrophages.  Which
: antibodies are best to use to delineate the above?  I'm working with
: murine cells, any input would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks...
: -Rachel

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