Tue Dec 6 09:51:24 EST 1994

Nancid101 at aol.com (NanciD1016) wrote
> I am looking for some help with a titertek MK Plus II reader.  We recently
> acquired one, and have tried hooking it up to every available printer in
> the lab and offices to no avail.  Buying the software from ICN is out of
> the question.
> Does anyone have any information of getting this reader to work with an
> LKB printer or with a HP DeskJet 520?

We have an old titertek MK II plus reader and it requires a QuietJet HP,
purchased with the titertek, by serial connection. 
We tried to use another printer, with a serial card, but with no results. 
Do you know what kind of printer -titertek dedicated the ICN sells now?

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