EIA of beta hCG

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Wed Dec 7 11:25:51 EST 1994

In article <3bu7jj$sbg at ixnews1.ix.netcom.com>, koslosky at ix.netcom.com (William Koslosky) writes:
> Abbott Labs has a one-step immunoassay test (TestPack Plus) for urinary 
> beta hCG, which it describes as using a colloidal selenium particle 
> labeled with monoclonal anti-alpha-hCG.
> Isn't the alpha subunit shared by LH, FSH and TSH?  I thought the beta 
> subunit was the distinguishing moiety among these.  Bill Koslosky - 
> koslosky at ix.netcom.com

I don't know the configuration of Abbott's assay.  But specificity of an hCG
assay can be conferred using two monoclonal Abs, one to the alpha and one to
the beta subunit.  Perhaps this is what Abbott has done.  I know that some other
commercial assays (for example Hybritech's ICON assay) take this approach.

Kurt Bray

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