Cell Surface Marker for Human Chromosome 15?

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Thu Dec 8 01:45:59 EST 1994

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> Greetings, everyone,
> 	I'm thinking about trying to select for/against the presence of
> human chromosome 15 in a hybridoma.  It would be really handy if there
> was a cell surface protein expressed on this chromosome which I could 
> identify with an antibody. 
> 	Is there a database that lists genes and their location in the
> genome?  I could perform a simple database search if this information
> is available.  Thanks in advance!
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If you have access to mosaic or specifically the genome database, you can
find through the OMIM a map of all of the chromosomes along with a list of
the known genes on each of the chromosomes.  If you do not have mosaic, you
can send away for access to the database by sending to help at gdb.org.
Also, in the Sept. 30 issue of Science, there are nice maps of the
including STS's.  The CHLC data base organized this so if you can access
database through mosaic, that might help you as well.

Sarah Demmon
Graduate student, Purdue University

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