EGFR cell line help

jtidball at physci.lifesci.ucla.edu jtidball at physci.lifesci.ucla.edu
Thu Dec 8 14:48:55 EST 1994

I don't know if this will help but, I just saw a paper in BBRC from a
group at the National Cancer Institute and they use cells transfected with
different mutants of the PDGF receptor.  Their FAX is (301) 496-8479 and
the corresponding author is Mohammad A. Heidaran.  The reference is BBRC
204(2):628-634,1994.   GOOD LUCK TO YOU!  Melissa Spencer, UCLA    In
article <odin25D05z8C.Gt7 at netcom.com>, odin25 at netcom.com ([ffr.de]) wrote:

> If anyone knows of a cell line which is easily available and 
> significantly overexpresses EGFR or PDGFr it would be a great service if 
> you could notify me.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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