CTL and anti-class I Abs

Walter Trymbulak wtrymbul at neuron.uchc.edu
Sat Dec 10 21:40:27 EST 1994

In article <ferbas.5.00122E4A at cyto.medsch.ucla.edu>, ferbas at cyto.medsch.ucla.edu (John Ferbas) writes:
>I have used an anti-MHC class I antibody (W632) in an attempt to demonstrate 
>MHC class I restriction in 2 CD8+ CTL clones, but have had no success.  I know 
>that the antibody is saturating the targets by FACS analysis.  Also, the 
>antibody is added before the assay and present throughout.  Is there any 
>alternative way to demonstrate class I restriction?  Your comments are greatly 
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Dear John,
	I am a graduate student working on HLA class I structure.  Is it 
possibe that W6/32 is not blocking your CTL epitope?  Is your CTL response 
Allo or syngeneic?  It is possible that an allo CTL is responding to 
another class I epitope unrelated to the W6/32 epitope and may not be 
sterically  hindered.  Why not try some other monomorphic determinant 
monoclonals such as TP 25.99 or some of the B2m specific monoclonals such 
as BBM 1 or L368.
hope this was helpful.

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