NEEDED:: Informations about internship.....

DOUGLAS KOU koutd at hiram.edu
Sun Dec 11 18:38:04 EST 1994


My name is Douglas Kou, and am undergraduate Biology student
searching for a possible internship position in any bio/med
related area. My goal for the future is to enter medical
school. So, any internship in the bio/med related area provides
a opportunity to practise my lab skills which I learn in classes
and a real-life experience in this area.

I will be able to obtain grand money from my college. I will
volunter my service and will be able to assisit for six to
eight weeks during the incoming summer. 

I greatly appreciate any informations related to getting an
volunter position in any bio-lab. If you happen to have an
assistant position open during the summer and need further
informations about myself, please also let me know and I will
send out appropriate documents and informations.

thanks in advance.

Douglas Kou
Hiram College
Hiram, OH

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