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Looking for information on peanut and other nut allergies.   The 
following is a list of articles which we have found informative.

                         LIST OF ARTICLES

(a) Fatal Food Induced Anaphylaxis:  1988 Jama Vol 260, No. 10, Yuninger
    et al.
(b) The  Nature and Mechanisms of Food Allergies and Related Diseases
    May 1992, Food Technology p.136 
(c) Food Hypersenitivity: Manifestations, Diagnosis and Natural History
    Sampson, May 1992, Food Technology. p.141
(d) Food Allergies, November 1992, JAMA, Vol 268, No.20
(e) Fatal and Near Fatal Anaphylactic Reactions to Food in Children and
    Adolescents, Aug 6, 1992, Sampson et al, New England Journal of
    Medicine,, p.380
(f) Lethal Food Allergy in Children, Aug 6, 1992, Yuniginger, 
    New England Journal of Medicine, p141
(g) Fatal Anaphylactic reactions to food in children, Can Med Assoc J, 1994

Our goal at present is to obtain as much information on the topic as 
possible then establish a foundation whose objects would be to educate 
the public and to raise funds for research.

We would be happy to correspond with any-one who is interested in this 

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