Heat-shock proteins (was: superAg as adjuvant)

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>John Landasky wrote:

Greetings, everyone,

	I just started reading about the recognition of heat-shock proteins
by gamma-delta T cells.  So I guess it's a fortunate coincidence that this
topic is being discussed on bionet.immunology at this very moment...

>Say ... more or less...

	I've run across references to hsp58, 60, 65, and 70 in the litera-
ture.  It seems that hsp70 shows some homology to MHC molecules.  However,
what about the others? 

> Human hsp60 also contains a region (155-175) of similarity to a DQ alpha
peptide (98-118)

 hsp60 is recognized by a specific gamma-delta T cell
population (V gamma 9, V delta 2) [1].  Is it a "superantigen"?

>That''s the question...
>I read something about TCR V alpha-delta gen usage by Tcell alpha-delta
>clones..Cytotoxicity  of this lymphocytes seems to be 
>restricted through their V regions.Relationship between Vgamma9 gene usage
and >recognition of Daudi cells have been reported. And interaction of the
>gene product with Daudi may be via a superantigen-like momlecule, HSP58.
>I don`t know anything about the rest of HSPs. I would like to read some
>opinions about.....

	How about genomic location?  Which, if any, of these genes are
MHC-encoded?  The only literature I've been able to find on the cytogenetics
of hsp molecules shows that some hsp70 molecules aren't located in the MHC
of the pig [2].  If one accepts the dogma about gene linkage maintaining the 
MHC, there woudln't appear to be any reason to include superantigen-type
molecules in the MHC.

>I mean, perhaps I get the wrong, but I think human HSP70 are encoded
>close to the loci of HLA DQ, between those and TNFa,TNFb. 

1. Fisch P et. al., Science 250:1269 [1990]
2. Nunes M et. al., Mammalian Genome 4:247 [1993]

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