Concentration limit of antigen and mouse polyclonal ascities

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There is another way of generating good amounts of polyclonal antibody in
mice and it takes much less antigen.  I don't have the paper on it right
in front of me now, but I have been using mice for several years to make
polyclonal antibody when antigen is limiting.  Essentially, pristane
primed mice are immunized three to five times with 10-100ug protein until
a good immune response is seen by screening the bleeds, then the mice are
injected IP with SP2/0-Ag14 myloma cells which induce ascites formation. 
We have seen that the titer of the antibody in the resulting ascites is
equivalent to the sera titer.  You can generally get 5ml to 15ml of
ascities per mouse.

Bradley Bone
COR Therapeutics, Inc.

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