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In article <gqva12.787406105 at cent.gla.ac.uk>,
G Gallagher <gqva12 at udcf.gla.ac.uk> wrote:
>I am interested in discovering whether there is any demand
>for a new journal in tumour immunology.
>Anyway, what does the world think??
>Write to me (reply to this posting, either direct or follow-up) and let me
>Many thanks, GRant Gallagher.

Hi Grant, I think that tumour immunology is currently a very interesting
area particularly in the light of our current understanding of T-cell
recognition and antigen processing as well as the observation that
viruses are associated with several common human tumours. In addition
altered gene expression can also lead to changes in antigen presentation.
However, I think that there is a problem with the image of "Tumour Immunology"
amongst many scientists who remember the many years of attempts to demonstrate
B-cell recognition of tumours and TSTAs etc.
Thus I ask myself how many institutions would be persuaded to take the journal
at the request of interested scientists?
It is certainly an area which requires more serious attention but it needs to
dispell old prejudices.

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