HCV & virokines

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Thu Dec 15 14:59:44 EST 1994

Ian Clarke asked:
"Does anyone have any information about cytokines analogs in viruses 
(Virokines), and in particular those which might be present in the Hepatitis C 

My answer:
So far as we know, HCV does not encode any cytokine analogs. The genome of this
(+) RNA virus is only ~9.5kb long, and several isolates have been sequenced
backwards and forwards, and of course compared to protein databases by several
different methods. Not suprising since in these viruses, genomic space seems to
be at a premium. Of course, there are several excellent reviews on the many
DNA virus-encoded "virokines". Maybe somewhat dated, Linda Gooding wrote a nice 
minireview in Cell V71, pp 5-7 that should get you on the right track.

Brett Lindenbach
Lucille P. Markey Student in Human Pathobiology
Program in Immunology
Washington University - St Louis
brett at borcim.wustl.edu

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