t cell activation

Stacy Ferguson sferguso at kimbark.uchicago.edu
Fri Dec 16 12:35:34 EST 1994

In article <3cl33l$nm0 at tali.hsc.colorado.edu> bb465 at freenet.HSC.Colorado.EDU (Jonathan Grynspan) writes:
>i am looking for info concerning t cell activation specifically
>regarding tyrosine kinases activated intracellularly as well as
>the mechanisms known for enhancing transcription following activation
>is there data about upregulation of any gene 
>beside il-2
>additionally i vaguely recall something about a cd28r product
>increasing rna stability whose doing this work i
>would appreciate references

You recall correctly.

Stimulation through CD28 results in increased IL-2 message stability.
There are several papers on this from Craig Thompson's lab. If you
Email me your snail mail address I can get some reprints to you (I'm
a post-doc in the lab, although I have nothing to do with this project). 
I forget what other messages get stabilized, but there are some. There 
are a million different projects going on in the lab, and to be honest, 
this isn't one of my favorites (interest-wise) so I don't keep up with it
as well as I should! 

>bb465 at colorado.edu


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