Virokines and Hepatitis C

Ian A. York york at mbcrr.dfci.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 15 17:13:00 EST 1994

In article <intermed.3.000D547F at inforamp.net> intermed at inforamp.net (Ian Clarke) writes:
>Does anyone have any information about cytokines analogs in viruses 
>(Virokines), and in particular those which might be present in the Hepatitis C 

I don't know of any in hepatitis C virus.  These tend to be found in the
larger DNA viruses.  There is a book just out called: Viroceptors,
Virokines, and Related Immune Modulators Encoded by DNA Viruses.  Ed. G.
McFadden.  (R.G. Landes Co.) - which may be helpful.  (Potential conflict
alert - I wrote a chapter.) If you would like further information, drop me
a note; I'm not an expert in the field but I've done some related work. 

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