tumour immunology journal

G Gallagher gqva12 at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Mon Dec 19 03:41:17 EST 1994

Hello, again
since I posted the query about a new tumour immunology journal, 
I've had several 10's of replies, all +ve.

Perhaps I should point out that at this point I'm making enquiries
on my own account because I feel that the subject is about to make
a resurgence and may finally have shed its previous image of failure
and lack of importance. I am not carrying out any kind of covert
market research for any publisher (yet!).

I think that a new journal at this time would serve to accelerate the shift
away from this old attitude and help to focus the attention of the therapy/
research community onto the possibilities afforded by a thorough knowledge
of the host/tumour immunological relationship and emphasise that therapeutic
alternatives (to straightforward chemotherapy) may be appropriate.

So, can I encourage you to consider this? Negative arguements are also welcome!!

Many thanks,
Grant Gallagher,University oGlasgow Department of SUrgery.

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