Concentration limit of antigen and mouse polyclonal ascities

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>There is another way of generating good amounts of polyclonal antibody in
>mice and it takes much less antigen.  I don't have the paper on it right
>in front of me now, but I have been using mice for several years to make
>polyclonal antibody when antigen is limiting.  Essentially, pristane
>primed mice are immunized three to five times with 10-100ug protein until
>a good immune response is seen by screening the bleeds, then the mice are
>injected IP with SP2/0-Ag14 myloma cells which induce ascites formation. 
>We have seen that the titer of the antibody in the resulting ascites is
>equivalent to the sera titer.  You can generally get 5ml to 15ml of
>ascities per mouse.
>Bradley Bone
>COR Therapeutics, Inc. responds:

A good, recent reference for polyclonal ascites production is
Analytical Biochemistry 220, 214-216, 1994.  We just completed a
couple of such projects which worked out very well.  Give it a try.

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