Activation and/or presentation

RUIZ VAZQUEZ, Elena ervazquez at mail1.cti.unav.es
Tue Dec 20 08:55:35 EST 1994

(second version, the first one may be walking through the cyberspace...)

I performed a human PBL culture (one hundred, actually).This culture was
performed in order to test immuno activity of a peptide called Pa. After
culturing (RPMIc, 5% FCS, 37C, %5 CO2, 24h), I measured cytokine releasing
with ELISA.
Results: IL-2, IFNg: releasing. IL-4, TNFa, IL1a, IL1b: no releasing.
I mean,  this results could suggest Pa is presented and induce cytokine
releasing by Th1 Tcell. But monocytes, the only  APC available into human
PBLs, appear not to be activated. 
I thought  APC activation (in that cytokine releasing) and presentation were
always together. But seeing  my results my idea seems to  be wrong.
Could anyone tell me any opinion?

ervazquez at mail1.cti.unav.es

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