Activation and/or presentation (Correction)

RUIZ VAZQUEZ, Elena ervazquez at mail1.cti.unav.es
Tue Dec 20 11:14:05 EST 1994

hours ago, I have writen:

>I performed a human PBL culture (one hundred, actually).This culture was
>performed in order to test immuno activity of a peptide called Pa. After
>culturing (RPMIc, 5% FCS, 37C, %5 CO2, 24h), I measured cytokine releasing
>with ELISA.
>Results: IL-2, IFNg: releasing. IL-4, TNFa, IL1a, IL1b: no releasing.
>I mean,  this results could suggest Pa is presented and induce cytokine
>releasing by Th1 Tcell. But monocytes, the only  APC available into human
>PBLs, appear not to be activated. 
>I thought  APC activation (in that cytokine releasing) and presentation were
>always together. But seeing  my results my idea seems to  be wrong.
>Could anyone tell me any opinion?

>ervazquez at mail1.cti.unav.es

Of course, I forgot B cells as APCs.
Anyway, I would like read some opinions....
Alan,Thank you very much.


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