Candida Albicans

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> Subject: Candida Albicans
> Date: 24 Nov 1994 16:15:31 -0000
> I would be most grateful if someone could post me (preferrable via e-mail)
> as much information as possible on a parasite which lives in the gut, called
> Candida Albicans. 
> Some doctors in Ireland don't seem to recognise it as a disease but rather
> as psychology condition (if that is the correct word to use). So information
> on,
> the causes,
> the effects of the disease,
> possible cures,
> preventive medicine, etc
> indeed anything at all would be very much appreciated.
> Many thanks.
> John ONeill.
> jonll at maths.tcd.ie
> JRONEILL at vax1.tcd.ie

I have found several references available for yeast-related illness
and the related diet modifications, as well as food allergy related

One good candidia reference I discovered is

	The Yeast Syndrome
	John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. and
		Morton Walker, D.P.M.
	Bantam Books, 1986.

	ISBN: 0-553-27751-0

I prefer this book to Dr. Crooks' "The Yeast Connection".  He, however, 
has a related book, "The Yeast Connectton Cookbook", which may offer some 
dietary assistance.  

Sample of "The Yeast Syndrome" Contents:
	- discussion on causes
	- a questionaire which helps to determine if you may have
                           an overgrowth of candida,
	- diagnosis and treatment
	- yeast diet control and food lists
	- a section discussing related symptoms/illnesses
	- a readings list and support organizations

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